Friday, 1 November 2013

Printed Carrier Tapes

 Paper carrier tape
Paper carrier tape

Printed carrier tape provides safety to integrated circuits and erstwhile devices from physical and electro-static discharge harm during shipping and storage space. Carrier tape is extensively used for presenting devices to pick-and-place equipment for automatic placement on printed circuit boards. Advantech’s carrier tape can slot in containment kind found in more costly shipping media.
This provides delicate devices—such as QFP’s, chip size packages and nude die—protection from physical cruelty. Included in our line of transporter tape is Advantech, our Sharp Form Tape for exactitude applications, which can be processed in clean-room surroundings. Near-vertical sidewall drafts angles assist prevent part relocation as well as abrasion caused by contact with device limits. SFT™ sack bottoms are flat to give horizontal device imprisonment and presentation to pick-and-place kit.
The motive… water will penetrate the tape and go into the dinged area of your board. As well, the water that gets in will not vacate or dry out because the channel tape will keep air from drying out the suds or letting the ding drain. Channel tape has a fabric type coating of material in it and the tape itself will get moist keeping unwanted damp around a ding.
Moisture is not gracious to the foam centre of a surfboard. Depending on the type of froth a surfboard is made from it will soak up water through small cracks in the fibreglass and the longer the slat is in the water the bubbles could act like a sponge and carry on to take on increasingly water. So you do not want to have an upset board in the water very long, if at all.
Cover tape for paper tape
Cover tape for paper tape
The premium thing to do when you get a ding is fix it or have it set right away. It’s a good thought to have a tube of astral razz and sand paper to do a rapid fix at the beach… if you’re useful at any rate.
The other rapid fix is with clear Covering Tape that’s about 2” broad… not the light weight material but the one that is a bit additional heavy duty. The stuff has good extended lasting adhesive and the material the ribbon is made of is water proof, so water will not go through it. Just make positive the dinged area is dry and relate the tape well with no bubbles around the edges with the dinged area totally covered.

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